Coaching for every level

Ready to take your surfing to the next level? We offer targeted programs, taught by experienced coaches, for customized training. This way you are guaranteed to make steps regardless of your experience and level!

Our ‘Groms’ memberships are for anyone under the age of 18 who wants to improve their surfing skills.

If you enroll in one of our memberships, you will train on fixed days every week. If the conditions do not allow surf training, we will work with an alternative training program aimed at surf fitness.

We divide our groups by age, but more importantly; by level. We use the terms ‘Boardriders‘ (beginner-intermediate) & ‘Next Level‘ (advanced).

  • Our Boardriders groups are designed for kids who have had surfing lessons before and would like to make surfing their sport. In a playful way, they learn to develop their skills and knowledge and thus become aware of the sea, the possible risks, but above all about the fun that comes with surfing.
    The membership works by means of lesson credit that you purchase and top up in your personal account. The lesson packages we offer are for 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons. The prices are listed below. Lessons must be scheduled within the term of the current season.

  • The Next Level program has been developed to get the best out of you as a surfer and to take your skills to the ‘next level’. Together with the coaches you set personal goals. These can range from learning to surf better in different conditions, to preparing to participate in (inter)national competitions.
    The head coaches of the Next level program are Sjoerd Tummers and Maica Levenbach. Sjoerd is assistant national coach of TeamNL Junior and Maica is the national coach of the Dutch surf team. As a result, they have extensive combined knowledge and experience that they passionately use to develop the Next Level program of Surf’s Cool.
    Due to the higher entry level, you can only enroll after participating in a trial training. After this, you will check with the coaches whether you fit into one of our groups. Participants in this program only have the option to register for a full season. Good surfing skills and general fitness are required. Think of being able to surf independently in all different kinds of conditions, a good theoretical basis and (learning to) perform maneuvers.


We divide the year into a summer and winter season.*

Summer season runs from April – September
Winter season runs from October – March
For the seasons there is a summer break from July 14 – August 14 & a winter break from December 18 – January 18


View our options below. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

Progression on your own level for anyone under 18 years old

Become a member and take your surfing-skills to the next level!

What's included?

All-round surf training

We believe that if you want to become a better surfer, there are more aspects to focus on than just practicing on a surfboard in the water. For example in our eyes it is just as important to grow your theoretical knowledge and to develop your mental and physical skillsets.

In addition to surfing, we will focus on subjects like ‘surf-fitness’. We also dedicate theoretical parts of our lessons to a variety of topics. On top of that we set personal goals together with you to work on during your training but also take with you in your own time. This is all to develop you into becoming a better all-round surfer!