Coaching for every level

Ready to take your surfing to the next level? We offer extensive membership programs for weekly surf training given by experienced coaches. By following our tailored programs you will make progress regardless of your experience and level!

Our memberships are for anyone under the age from 18 years old and on who wants to improve their surfing skills.*

When you are a member of Surf’s Cool you will be a part of a group of like-minded surfers. We communicate the weekly training schedule via our WhatsApp group and do our best to adjust this to match with the optimal surf-conditions. If the weather conditions do not allow surf training, we also regularly open up an alternative training, aimed at surf fitness and theory or analyzing footage previously made. As a member you only pay €22,50 per lesson


We divide the year into a summer and winter season. The schedule varies per season and will always be tailored to the availability of the surf school and the needs of our current members.

Summer season runs from April to September
Winter season runs from October to March

Do you want to sign up to become a member and know what is included in the program? Please contact us to schedule a trial lesson and tell you more!

*Good swimming skills and general fitness are required. The memberships are meant to improve your surfing. This means that you should at least be familiar with basic theory and skills such as the pop-up and practicing of catching waves by yourself. If you do not yet possess these basic skills, we are happy to teach you these during our beginners lessons, for example via a regular lesson packages. You can discuss together with the instructor and surfschool how you can best get to the level to join our membership group.

Progression on your own level for everybody from 18 years old and on

Become a member and take your surfing-skills to the next level!

What's included?

All-round surf training

We believe that if you want to become a better surfer, there are more aspects to focus on than just practicing on a surfboard in the water. For example in our eyes it is just as important to grow your theoretical knowledge and to develop your mental and physical skillsets.

In addition to surfing, we will focus on subjects like ‘surf-fitness’. We also dedicate theoretical parts of our lessons to a variety of topics. On top of that we set personal goals together with you to work on during your training but also take with you in your own time. This is all to develop you into becoming a better all-round surfer!

Weekly training options

2 hours of coaching every session

Surf theory

Learn about safety and getting comfortable in the sea in different conditions

Including material

Don't have your own equipment yet? We provide an O'Neill wetsuit and surfboard

Certified coaches

All our instructors are professionally trained, experienced surfers and certified rescue swimmers

Photo-and video analysis

Footage will regularly be taken during the training sessions to support feedback and personal goals