Naschoolse snowboarding bij Snow Planet Amsterdam

General terms and conditions

General terns and conditions Surf’s Cool!

  1. Bookings & payments of surf lessons & rentals
    • Surf lessons must be booked in advance. Payment is possible afterwards.
    • Materials cannot be booked / reserved in advance.
    • Prices of surfing lessons and rental include VAT and are stated on the website and in the brochure of Surf’s Cool!
    • Surf’s Cool! will try to keep the reserved date and time free as much as possible. Surf’s Cool! however, retains the right to move the booking. Naturally, Surf’s Cool! make timely contact with the participant about this. Surf’s Cool! will then propose a different date and time to the participant, taking the wishes of the participant into account as much as possible.
    • If fewer people show up than what has been reserved, then unfortunately no amount can be deducted from the total due. This is partly due to agreements we make with third parties. The contact person is responsible for this.
    • Although the website and other publications of Surf’s Cool! Compiled with the greatest care, Surf ‘s Cool! accept no liability for the consequences of typing, typing and / or programming or program errors on the website or in other publications.
    • In the case of long-term injuries sustained during training, unfortunately, no refund of the contribution already paid can be refunded.
  1. Risk and liability
    • Safety at Surf’s Cool! Is a high priority.
    • The participant is aware of the fact that the use / rent of the materials, and participation in activities and / or lessons, both for him / her and for third parties, as well as for his / her affairs, and / or affairs of third parties, are risks for damage – including personal injury, property damage and consequential damage.
    • The participant explicitly takes these risks for his / her account.
    • For the safety of the participants, Surf’s Cool! rules and regulations. The participant must adhere to these rules and regulations. Safety instructions and other instructions given by instructors and employees of Surf’s Cool !, must be strictly followed by the participant.
    • There is a sign on the showers at Surf’s Cool !, which informs the participants of the rules and instructions that apply when surfing. The participant declares that he / she agrees with the content of the text on the board in question and strictly adheres to the instructions.
    • If a participant has never surfed before, rents material for the first time (such as surfboard) or attends a lesson, he / she must inform Surf’s Cool! to report so that he / she is given an explanation about the use of the material and / or the rules. * It is the participant’s own responsibility that he / she receives an explanation, attends the explanation and he / she pays attention during the explanation.
    • Surf’s Cool! is therefore not liable for possible calamities and damage, material or immaterial, including personal injury, if the participant is not aware of what is communicated during the explanation. The participant is aware that the explanation does not guarantee that possible calamities and damage, material or immaterial, including personal injury, will be prevented and the participant indemnifies Surf’s Cool! for that too. * For surfing a minimum age of 6 years and a swimming diploma is required.
    • It is the explicit responsibility of the parents and / or supervisors of minors that Surf’s Cool! the correct information is provided regarding age and swimming skills. Surf’s Cool! does not accept any liability if incorrect or incomplete information has been provided.
    • The participant is strongly advised against participating in surfing, if the participant suffers from neck and / or back pain, is pregnant, has or has had heart problems, the participant is in poor condition, is short of breath, under the influence of medicines, drugs and / or alcohol. Surf’s Cool! is in no way liable for consequences if the participant concerned nevertheless decides to participate in surfing.
    • Surf’s Cool! does not accept any liability for damage, material or immaterial, including personal injury, incurred due to (steering) errors, incompetence, collisions, trimming, defects in the materials used (surfboards, wetsuits, etc.) and accepts no liability for any damage that the participant and / or other participants suffer. The participant explicitly takes this risk for his / her account and indemnifies Surf’s Cool! fully.
    • In the case of reckless behaviour during individual surfing and surfing lessons, including reckless behaviour during surfing, collision, cutting and deliberate destruction, etc., the injured party or Surf’s Cool! hold the participant liable for the damage suffered.
    • The leased property is the undersigned for risk. Surf’s Cool! BV cannot be held liable in any way for damage or accidents to third parties and the tenant. Material is rented for a specific time. In the event of damage, total loss or theft, the undersigned pays the new price of the rented material immediately upon return.
    • The limitations of liability of Surf’s Cool! Included in these terms and conditions. do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of Surf’s Cool!.
    • For groups, one person can complete and sign the group registration form, which means that this person is liable for all participants in the group with regard to everything mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions.
    • Surf’s Cool! will perform each service to the best of its ability and is entitled to engage third parties in and for the performance of a service. Surf’s Cool! is not, however, liable for damage suffered by the Participant or third parties that is the result of an act or omission by Surf ‘s Cool! auxiliaries engaged (not including employees of Surf ‘s Cool!), even if they are employed by a Surf‘ s Cool! affiliated organisation; business, indirect or consequential damage incurred by the Participant or third parties
  1. Force majeure
    • In these general terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean, in addition to what is understood in this regard by law and case law, all external causes, foreseen or not, for which Surf’s Cool! cannot exert any influence, but as a result of which Surf’s Cool! is unable to meet its obligations.
    • Force majeure: strikes, death, fire, transport, blockage, molestation and in general all unforeseen circumstances as a result of which compliance with the agreement can no longer be demanded from the contractor.
    • Surf’s Cool! is not obliged to fulfil any obligation if Surf’s Cool! is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not due to her fault, and that is not for her account by law, legal act or generally accepted beliefs. This also applies to certain weather conditions. In that case Surf’s Cool! authorized to cancel bookings and reservations, and to propose a different date and time to the participant(s).
  1. Media and copyright
    • On the site of Surf’s Cool! cameras and other equipment are present for safety and commercial reasons. All media rights of recordings made, everything in the broadest sense of the word, remain with Surf ‘s Cool !, and the participant explicitly waives this. Regarding all the Surf’s Cool! services and products to be delivered, Surf’s Cool retains! assert all rights and powers for those Surf’s Cool! forward on the basis of the Copyright Act.
  1. Applicable law
    • On the legal relationship between Surf’s Cool! and the participant is subject to Dutch law. If between the participant and Surf’s Cool! In the event of a dispute, the Court of The Hague has exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes. Nevertheless Surf has Cool! the right to submit a dispute to the legally competent rights